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Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Cultural Diversity in Sports (Movie Review Sample)


to write about pedagogy watching a movie


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Culturally responsive pedagogy is teaching that recognizes the importance of infusing the student's cultural references and strengths in all of their learning. Teachers have to make sure their students are getting critical knowledge with the material culture into it. Student development in school is through culturally responsive pedagogy, and colleges and university departments should focus on culturally responsive teaching. For example, Jeffrey Dessource's 12 years as an educator have to be of great importance due to being culturally responsive in the classroom. To make sure there is a complete representation of cultural student influence, student development and leadership should be put in place. Raising the level of communication with young ones is vital in ensuring authentic communication. Either you are black or white, blending is one another ensures success in workplaces. The perception of one's color or gender does not lead to strong student leadership. Culturally responsive teaching helps us to be educators of one another or even poet writers to educate others in our professional aspirations.
Today cultural diversity in sports is the most integral part of every culture. Games are rich in ethnic diversity. Sports provides opportunities for people to meet from different cultures and put aside their conflicts. Although sports are diverse, disc

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