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The Movie “Sling Blade” Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


FILM REVIEW-The Movie “Sling Blade”


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The Movie “Sling Blade”
Sling Blade is a film that tells the story of a man by the name Karl Childers who had a developmental, mental disability. He has been released from the mental hospital where he has spent the whole of his life in custody since the age of 12 years. He was put in detention for killing her mother and lover using a Sling Blade. Soon after release, Karl formed a friendship bond with a boy known as Frank whose father committed suicide. Frank went ahead to introduce Karl to his mother known as Linda together with her gay friend called John Ritter. This means that John Ritter significant role in the movie was a homosexual male and thus a father figure to Frank. Apparently, Linda was a warm-hearted mother and allowed the Karl to stay at their house. Linda went further to enable Karl to move into her garage a situation that angered Linda’s cruel boyfriend which triggered Doyle to get Karl removed. In fact, Doyle increasingly became abusive towards the Frank and Karl, a position that Karl thought was triggered by his presence. For that matter, Karl began to realize that eventually with that continuous quarreling, it is either Doyle would end up killing both Frank and Linda or Frank killing Doyle just like he did to his mother and her lover. Hence, with Karl’s determination to protect his friend, he came up with a way to save Frank from many years of Doyle’s abuse (Norman, p. 126).

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