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Multilevel Marketing and the Ethical Problems Associated with It (Movie Review Sample)


a video review on multilevel marketing.


Multilevel Marketing
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Multilevel Marketing
Direct access to a large population of the world via the internet has caught the attention of many opportunistic business people and companies. This access has led to the rise of many marketing strategies by companies to sell their products and services, with the most erupted approach being multilevel marketing (MLM). Multilevel marketing is a style by which the company revenue is derived from non-salaried workers. The distributors are encouraged to recruit new distributors and are paid a percentage of their recruits' sales. The recruits also are encouraged to recruit their distributors. This recruiting enables them to earn a portion of their recruits' sales, and the chain goes on and on (Albaum, 2011).
Examples of companies that engage in multilevel marketing practice include; MARY KAY, RODAN+FIELDS, Amway, MAX INTERNATIONAL, KYANI, HERBALIFE NUTRITION, among many others.
Ethical problems in multilevel marketing include; False advertising; companies present them as great opportunities, but the chances of success are narrow. Manipulation of data, these companies use top celebrities to manipulate people through their influence to join the schemes and buy products. Bribery to join these schemes by offering gifts and overstating benefits of the products pose ethical problems associated with multilevel marketing (Koehn, 2001)
Multilevel marketing focuses on th

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