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Doritos Goat Commercial in the Super Bowl Game (Movie Review Sample)


in this task, I was assigned to review a video on a commercial advertisement that was run sometimes back in the super bowl game.


Doritos Goat Commercial Video Analysis
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Doritos Goat commercial
The video starts with a man walking in a neighborhood when he sees a sign reading “Goat 4 sale”. He buys the goat and leaves with the goat to his house. He learns that the goat he intends to buy shares his love for snack and concludes that he will be a great friend because of the common interest. After he takes him to his house, he boastfully shows the goat his Dorito snack reservoir. They start eating the snacks. The goat lacks control and eats the whole night making his owner unable to sleep due to his activity. The man realizes he can’t satisfy the goats hunger and decides to sell the newly bought goat. From the video the following aspects can be analyzed as are seen clearly from; CITATION Ven13 \l 2057 (Flowers, 2013)
In the video there is no verbal communication between humans. The two men are only shown at the beginning of the video facing each other but there is none of them talking to one another. The video plays with a rock music in the background. This makes the commercial more interesting as it sets the mood. At one point the goat screams showing how it is surprised to learn that the snacks have depleted. The goat and its owner chewing sounds are heard which increase as time goes by until the owner of the goat cannot sleep.
the written language in the video is informal. The sign that the previous owner of the goat has is written “Goat 4 sale” which is also very the same which the new owner of the goat writes when he intends to sell it. Other writings seen on the video are on the Doritos packaging which consists of the flavor of the product.
In the video there is only men seen. It lacks the other gender, female gender. There only two men characters throughout the video. In the video there are no children too. The neighborhood has no signs of children as there are no toys or anything that would hint for children’s presence. The video lacks people of color. The two men in the video are not people of color whom are the only characters in the vid

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