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Studio Bone's "Bungou Stray Dogs" (Movie Review Sample)


Tasked to write a review for the episode 1 of the animé "Bungou Stray Dogs"


Bungou Stray Dogs is an animé produced by studio Bones and written by screenwriter, Kafka Asagiri. The characters are namesakes of famous literary authors, their abilities from their corresponding famous works. The story revolves around Nakajima Atsushi and the other members of the Armed Detective Agency, as they try to solve cases assigned to them by the military.
After getting kicked out from the orphanage, Atsushi finds himself in the banks of Tsurumi River. At first, the camera angle implies that he’s about to go insane. However, he falls face-down on the dirt in a puppy-dog yoga pose. He is near death from hunger but it does not make him thieve so he could eat. ”No orphanage will ever take someone the likes of you. The world would be a better place if you’d just die in a ditch somewhere,” Atsushi remembers the orphanage head’s demeaning words and this gives him resolve to rob someone. A motorcycle zooms by. A military squadron jogs past. Atsushi has no luck. With an empty stomach, he can’t run. And military men don’t bring their wallets with them, do they? Determined, he turns the other direction and sees floating legs sticking out of the river. He saves him only to discover that he just foiled a suicide attempt.
Dazai's partner, Kunikida, arrives fuming over his ruined ideal schedule. And Atsushi gets his meal. Well, meals. Looking to return the favour, Atsushi asks about their supposed investigation. Horror fills his face as he learns that they're after the weretiger. He recounts how it has been following him. The ruckus settles as Atsushi narrates the weretiger's appearance pattern. Dazai who has been aloof with his suicide antics sits in silent contemplation. After a while, he writes something on paper and hands it to Kunikida with just the instruction to give it to 

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