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Interpersonal Communication in the Movie "Prometheus" (Movie Review Sample)


the fisrt step in the Assignment was to select a movie to analyze based on concepts in Interpersonal Communication. the second step required the writer to address The following based on the Movie:
1. the most competent communicator.
2. culture and gender differences that effect interpersonal communication in the movie.
3. how the main character’s perceptions likely affect aspects of communication.
4. examples of language use in the movie between some of the main characters.
5. examples of nonverbal communication in the movie.
6. How listening impact the way the characters in the movie relate to one another.
7. How do the main characters portray their emotions.
8. examples of how conflict and/or power were displayed in the movie.


Interpersonal Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Question 1
Prometheus is a magnificent science-fiction film that exhibits different interpersonal communication concepts. Elizabeth Shawn is portrayed as the most competent communicator since she can modify her behaviors accordingly after assessing a situation. She is also empathetic and open-minded and considers different possible interpretations of other people's actions. For instance, during their exploration in the caves, Elizabeth empathetically says, 'I think they want us to find them,' referring to the aliens who had made inscriptions in the cave. She uses the words 'this is us' to remind the crew members of their mission.
Question 2
The majority of female actors in the film show good listening skills and effectively display feelings of empathy, unlike most male actors who are too confident in their own opinions. For instance, the male crew criticizes Elizabeth negatively when she suggests that the aliens engineered the human species. When the team asks her how she knows, she politely responds that it is what she chooses to believe. The dialogue between David and Meredith is hostile due to rivalry created by Peter Weyland. He happily introduces David, a robot, as his son, completely ignoring his daughter. Cultural differences in terms of space and body movements between the crew members also affect interpersonal communication. For instance, Meredith maintains a distance between her and Janek during their conversation in the spaceship's cockpit, perhaps due to their cultural differences. Janek also avoids eye contact when conversing with most of the crew members.
Question 3
Elizabeth's religious commitments drive her desire to explore human origin. However, she is criticized by the crew members because of her perceptions and beliefs. Additionally, her search for answers to her queries initiates rivalry and a disastrous chain of occurrences. Being a complete sentient synthetic being, David perceives humans as limited and views their search for their creators as a weakness creating a negative relationship. My perception concerning the movie is

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