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Movie Review, Female Solidarity in Mad Max: Fury Road (Movie Review Sample)


Female Solidarity in Mad Max: Fury Road
Film review


Female Solidarity in Mad Max: Fury Road
In 2015, George Miller managed to produce Mad Max: Fury Road, a film that that went against the unsaid rules of the movie industry CITATION AOS15 \l 2057 (A.O Scott, 2015) to showcase feminine heroism. Set in a foreseen desert land that is wasted and abandoned and where gasoline and water are two commodities that a man could kill for, Mad Max: Fury Road gives Charlize Theron the opportunity to bring the character of Imperator Furiosa to life. Imperator Furiosa is a strong-willed and resourceful soldier under Immortan Joe and is trusted with transporting oil from the gas town to the Citadel.
The film highlights political leadership. The Citadel, led by Immortan Joe is in chaos for the most part. There is cruelty and barbarism in his leadership. He denies the people water and gives it to them in poor rations. In the citadel, there are distinct social groups. There are those who are close to Immortan Joe like his son and his five wives who are like royalty. Then there are the War Boys and the lieutenant Imperator Furiosa who are soldiers meant to serve under Immortan Joe. The rest live below Immortan Joe's palace and are emaciated and depend on the cult leader for water provisions. Then finally there are people considered as resources like blood bags where Max Rockatansky falls and those that are milked to provide milk for Immortan Joe and few of his elites. The film shows what could happen if the irrational and iron-hand male rule goes on bringing chaos and devastation.
Imperator Furiosa comes out as the true main character and heroine of the film. Born of the Vuvalini clan, Furiosa was kidnaped when she was still a young baby. She was kidnapped because the Citadel needed her as a sex slave. She was meant to have babies for Immortan Joe. This however was not possible as Furiosa was found to be infertile. To the Citadel, females were primarily meant for the purpose of recreation and Furiosa though female was incapable of fulfilling this expectation. She is then cast out but thrives as other males on the outside to an extent that some even forget that she is female.
Female solidarity is the unity of sympathies and interest of the female population. In Mad Max: Fury Road, female solidarity is shown by the alliances between the main heroine, Imperator Furiosa, the Vuvalini of many mothers and the five wives of Immortan Joe: The Dag, The Splendid Angharad, Capable, Toast the Knowing and Cheedo the Fragile. Furiosa and the five wives are motivated by the common interest to get away from the toxic masculinity in

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