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McFarland Film directed and produced by Niki Caro (Movie Review Sample)


Review the movie, mcfarland usa


McFarland Film Review
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McFarland USA movie was a 2015 sports drama film based on a true 1987 story about a cross country team from a Latino high school in McFarland, California. The film was directed and produced by Niki Caro, Gordon Gray and Mark Ciardi, having been written by Grand Thompson, Christopher Cleveland, and Bettina Gilois. Additionally, the music used in the McFarland USA 2015 film was produced by Antonio Pinto. The sports film was co-produced by Mayhem Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures starring Kevin Costner as Jim White, playing as a school coach who leads the cross-country team in winning a state championship (Lane, J. 2015). The general plot of the McFarland USA film involves Kevin Costner, the school football coach, losing his job and making a moving decision with his family to McFarland high school in McFarland, California for a new job. Jim white later discovered that some of his students were talented and were indeed strong runners, he then made up his mind to organize a seven-member cross country team made up of boys with little hopes of the future.
Eventually, they become a close and supportive unit of each other, and under the guidance and instructions of Jim White, the school team became an outstanding success, having won over nine cross country race titles they had participated over the few years in school. Concerning the original start of Jim White’s team, all of the members escaped the hopelessness of poverty by being the first in their respective families to join college and careers in the military. Additionally, all the member of Jim White’s original team continued to attend practice sessions held by Kevin Costner even after their successful graduations from the colleges they had the opportunity to join. The concept of cultural differences has been portrayed in the movie significantly following the fact that the people in McFarland town got separated by both races and social class. For instance, the students in the film mainly were Mexicans whose backgrounds and parents were field workers. For that reason, they not only exhibited resistance towards the white coach but also felt that he would not fit into how their families lived and worked.
However, throughout the movie it themes of acceptance and tolerance between the two races unfolds when Jim White eventually takes dinner at Diaz’s house and also supports their culture by helping in the field picking as was the culture of the Mexicans. Additionally, Jim white is also portrayed to introduce the people to his system by incorporating the team into the events of his family. Thus, the earned trust between the coach and the students showed how tolerance and acceptance could come to build between two different people that ultimately the introduction of new ideas to each other’s lives (Ziter, E. 2016). The concept of job uncertainties as demonstrated in the movie also refle...
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