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Paradise Now: Young Palestinian Mechanics, Said And Khaled (Movie Review Sample)


This is a personal reaction after watching the movie "paradise now." the reaction is primarily based on personal opinion.


Reaction Paper: Paradise Now
Student’s Name:
After watching several trailers of the movie paradise now, I expected a movie in which a suicide a Palestinian suicide bomber ho also doubles up as an atheist to murder his enemies with the hope that their death will guarantee him a place in paradise upon his demise. This is a notion that is shared by most martyrs who believe that if they die while battling with their enemies, two angels will be assigned to welcome them in paradise. However, after watching the full film, my notion completely changed since the storyline was slightly different from my expectations.
Brief Description: Synopsis
This movie features two young Palestinian mechanics, Said and Khaled, who are leaving in denial after the controversial deaths of their parents. To revenge against the Israelites who apparently killed their parents, these young men are willing to commit suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. Through the film, these men make tough mental preparations towards Martyrdom amidst objects from a female friend named Suha. However, their entire mission goes wrong and they get separated upon crossing to Israel. In their bid to reunite, Said is more committed into carrying out the mission whereas Khaled begins to reconsider his decisions. Fortunately, Khaled is convinced by Suha to abandon the mission but Said goes ahead with the mission.
Personal Feelings
Through the film I felt that the movie failed to succeed in its bold call for peace which was its main mission. Notably, the producer claimed to be against suicide bombings and hoped there would be alternative ways of solving conflict. However, through the storyline, it is evident that his notion is not properly advocated for since Said carries on his suicide mission amidst numerous calls to abandon lethal means of solving conflict. As such, this film does not offer practical solutions of stopping suicide bombers. However, this film manages to achieve authenticity since it goes against the western notion that suicide bombers are soulless individuals who are programmed to kill their enemies without having a second thought. In this film, we see Said and Khaled being portrayed as normal human beings who are torn between political extremism, will to live and nationalism.
Portrayal of Extremists
Even though Said and Khaled are described as young mechanic Palestinians, the storyline in a way portrays extremists as being Muslims since the group that organizes their suicide bombings resembles the Hamas. As such, religion is seen to play a primary role in motivation for violence whereby Khaled and Said resort to religion to address the Israeli occupation, which is a political problem. They wish to harm Israel and its soldiers with the aim of sending a message about the plight of Palestinians. In this line, they cannot be described as religious warriors but rather as two oppressed Palestinians who are motivated by a violent interpretation of jihad.
Portrayal of Non-Extremist People
Through the film, I noticed several occasions on which Muslims were not depicted as violent extremists such as the likes of Suha and Said’s mother. Despite the fact that these two characters are opposed to Israeli’s occupation and oppression, they refuse to become violent. Despite the fact that Said’s mother lost her husband who was an alleged Israeli collaborator, she accepts to her husband as opposed to Said who decides to carry on revenge against the Israelis. Said’s mother is depicted as a passive Muslim woman who decides to take a silent role against extremism which is why she does not vocally disapprove Said’s plan but her non-verbal cues shows that she is against the idea. On the other hand, Suha is...
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