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Representation of the Alien in the novel Dracula Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


The task is about the Representation of the Alien in the novel "Dracula "
The sample is about movie review


Student’s Name
Representation of the Alien in the novel Dracula
Written by Bram Stoker, Dracula is an 1897 classic gothic horror novel that was established under the conventions of vampirism. The novel introduces the character of Count Dracula to the readers based on nobility and the autocracy of the past centuries. Dracula, as the primary character is portrayed both the archetypal and a prototypical vampire exhibiting hybrid adaptations that surpass that of humans. Unlike other vampires who are portrayed as corpse-like creatures, Stoker introduces Dracula as a villain character possessing transformative abilities such that he can transform into a simple person while being in the public. Such a representation suggests that he fits into Cohen's monster theory under thesis III which states that monster is the harbinger of category crisis that can be viewed as a normal being to those who do not know about him. Through analysis, it is, therefore, imperative to understand the very concept of vampirism in to gain insights into the actual representation of the alien in the novel.

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