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Split: A Relation to Freudian and Jungian Theory (Movie Review Sample)


Write a constructive feedback regarding a movie that concerns psychology, cite its nature and how can you relate it to jungian and Freudian theory. Sample deals and focus with the concept of DID or Dissociative identity disorder which relates to the theories of jung and freud whennit comes to subconciousness


Split: A Relation to Freudian and Jungian Theory
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I hereby confirm that I have written the following paper. I utilized sources in forming my thoughts and opinion, and I have cited those sources where I used them, and the resulting paper is my own work.
Split: A Relation to Freudian and Jungian Theory
Philosophy when it comes to human behavior is complex and broad wherein it is unfathomable for most of us. The extent of the human mind has been measured based on what the experts experienced firsthand, however, most of the beliefs in understanding the deepest part of psychology are based on theories where errors and pitfalls may be encountered. There are so many movies that have been released discussing mental capacity and behavior, one of the most memorable movies that linger on my mind is Split directed by M. Night Shyamalan and was released last 2016. This psychology-thriller movie touches on sensitive parts of discussion when it comes to understanding the human mind.
The plot of movies we usually see when it is about psychology is regarding serial killers which have been mainstream, but this movie sets it apart from the others and was said to be inspired by a real-life story of a person who experienced the condition. The plot of the movie revolves around dissociative identity disorder or also known as multiple personality disorder which has been a great and interesting topic when it comes to psychology.
Dissociative identity disorder is defined as one or more personalities that may take over the individual’s function without the awareness of the usual personality. As per the studies regarding this disorder, it has been said that memories of the past, awareness or consciousness, perception, and even identity could contribute to building multiple personalities of a person. There are some reported cases that the result may interfere with how a person generally function and would like to be further understood by many.
Causes of DID involve trauma both physical and emotional, some also link this to accidents that the person has experienced wherein creating a different or alter personalities has been a coping mechanism to separate any unwanted memories from the normal awareness to lessen its impact on emotional and mental health. This disorder has been characterized by series of amnesias where the alters have taken control over the person’s overall function, each alters has distinct characteristics that set it apart from the others. They also identify themselves with different gender, manner, name, and even preferences, there is also some point where other personalities have their health condition that cannot be seen in other alters. Making thorough studies about this illness gave the medical field a better understanding that alters can be triggered by stress and even trauma for them to take over and handle the situation for the person where the usual awareness can remain unconscious and unaware at that time (Cleveland Clinic, n.d.)
Split that was starred by James McAvoy revolves around a person who has 23 distinct personalities that were formed because of his childhood trauma where abuse and abandonment have been a great contributor. Barry is one of the alters who usually stands at the front as his understanding when it comes to social participation and deciding is incomparable. The nature of Barry is to continuously care about the well-being of Kevin, the original awareness that was not able to take over for a long time, he always hopes for the best and decides that alters that goes by the name of Dennis and Patricia should not take over because of the tendencies that they might cause havoc that will affect not only their host but also the environment where they are at. The characters described the taking over of awareness as light, where the alter who possess it can take over. However, Dennis and Patricia were able to take over with the help of the alter who goes by the name of Hedwig who’s characterized by a nine-year-old boy. The goal of the three alters is to empower another alter that has not been known and was called by the name of “The Beast” where they believed is the utmost alter that can take care of the well-being of Kevin that will surpass human capabilities to control and care for all of them.
He uses the iceberg as the model for how we understand the composition of a person’s mind. The tip of the iceberg which is usually seen is said to be the conscious part of the mind where it was considered as a tiny portion only, this relates to the personality of Kevin which is the usual awareness or the main host of the individual. He has control over is decision, desires, memories and even urges that affects himself. Freud described the unconscious part of the mind as the ice that was hidden underneath where it is broader and more complex, this is where alter lies. The subconscious mind serves as a bank for every memory that has been encountered by the individual who continuously shapes the different personalities and giving them different characteristics to cope up.
Another part of the Freudian theory is the id, ego, and superego that divides the human personality. It was exhibited how the alters has their own set of personalities affected by their primitive urges or the id, the ego which handles the security of the individual how they will stay as socially acceptable while maintaining a safe and realistic environment, and lastly the superego that is built from the standards and morals with the contribution of the environmental factors such as the society, family and even friends.
Since the id, ego, and superego are defined as a personality and DID is described as multiple alters which distinct characteristics it has been noticeable how the minds of the alter are different from one another. They have different sets of goals and perspectives when it comes to deciding and und

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