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Love TV Drama:Paige Townsen (Movie Review Sample)


Each student will analyze the personality of a character (chosen from
books, movies or TV dramas) from the most relevant perspective in a
1,800-word paper. Include also the possible limitations of the perspective
in the analysis.
- Suggested flow of the essay:
1.Describe briefly the character you have chosen.
2. Suggest which perspective you adopt to analyze the character, and explain why
you think this is more suitable than other perspectives.
3. In the analysis, you may assess, describe, explain, and predict the character’s
personality with relevant examples and appropriate application of the
perspective. The person’s thoughts, feelings, behavior, social attitudes and/or
personality development could be included in the analysis. You may cite
references whenever necessary.
4.Include possible limitations of the perspective you use, such as what aspects of
the character’s personality development are unable to be illustrated by it.
- The paper should be written in APA format, including in-text citations
and reference page(s). You may refer to for APA
formatting guidelines.
- Format of the paper: neatly typed on A4 papers, double-line spacing,
font size 12, Times New Roman, 1 inch margin.


Character analysis report –Paige Townsen
Paige Townsen is the main heroine Protagonist in the Famous in Love TV Drama series. During the early life of Paige Townsen, she was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Townsen in California and later on Paige Townsen joined California Metro University in freshman year where she met with Cassandra Perkins and Jake Salt. Later on Cassandra Perkins, Jake Salt and Paige Townsen moved into an apartment to stay together. Paige’s physical appearance can be described as a young lady with other features such as slim body shape as well as strawberry blonde hair which is one of the most noticeable of Paige. Her eyes are dark brown and her skin is pale. Her dressing is fashionable and she likes dressing modern colorful attires and bring out perfectly her slender body. Later on, Paige developed romantic feelings towards Jake but did not share how she felt. Auditions for a movie cast that Cassandra was going to audition, she pressured Paige to ride along with her. Instead despite being an Economics Major Paige Townsen auditions in a cast in the blockbuster movie ‘locked’ and got the part in the movie which changes her life. Despite Paige being an economics major, she had to multitask her economic classes and playing the role in the locked movie.
During the study of personality in any given topic, the focus is mainly on the psychology of the main topics discussed in the analysis of the book or TV drama. Hence, there a number of theories used to describe the personality of a character, however, the primary perspectives include psychoanalytic perspective, social cognitive perspective, humanistic perspective and the trait perspective (Bleidorn & et al. 2019). It is important to outline what each perspective entails so as to bring about which perspective best suits Paige Townsen's character analysis. Under the psychoanalytic perspective describes that the personality of a character depends on the early childhood experiences of the character as well as the unconscious mind (Waddell, 2018). Hence, psychoanalytic perspective is not suitable for the analysis of Paige Townsen character since the TV drama series begins when she’s already a young adult, thus, identification of scenarios that might have occurred during her early childhood would be difficult to predict if her early childhood experiences have anything to do with her current personality. Under the humanistic perspective, the main focus for the determination of personality is involved in the psychological growth of the character and the personal awareness as well as the free will of an individual (Bland & DeRobertis 2017). This means that under the humanistic perspective of personality, the main focus is based on the positive outlook on the nature of human beings with regard to the achievement of individual goals and potential. Based on the TV drama character Paige Townsen, the humanistic perspective is less portrayed in her character all along with the TV drama, hence, it would not bring out the personality of Paige Townsen. Therefore, the use of the humanistic perspective in the analysis of Paige Townsen's personality is not the most effective means. Moreover, under the trait perspective in the analysis of character, the focus is mainly centered on the identification, description and measurement of various specific traits identified in a character that portrays the characters' human personality. Hence, under the trait perspective, the analysis will be first on the identification of the character traits, then compare the traits of one character with another character so as to bring about the measurement of character (Bleidorn & et al., 2018). In accordance, to Famous in Love, the trait perspective can be identified since the character of the protagonist can be readily compared with the character of the antagonist as well as the minor and the static characters in the TV drama series, however, the trait perspective will not be effective in the identification of the personality of Paige Townsen since in the series there are other characters that possess Paige Townsen traits such as the Tangey Turner. Finally, under the social cognitive perspective of the analysis of personality, the focus is mainly on the observational learning of the character, the influences as well as the cognitive process and the self-efficiency of the character (Cervone & Quirin 2018). In the character of Paige Townsen, the aspect of social cognitive can be identified as the main perspective for the identification and analysis of her character. This is because the situational influence can be identified since after playing a role in Locked the movie, her life changed and she changed her way of living since she even moved out from living with Jake and Cassandra so that she could fit in her new way of life. Moreover, Paige Townsen before the acting career came along she was an economics major, but later after acting she was willing to change her academic priorities to a theatre major. This means that based on the situations she was experienced they determined her personality and character. Therefore, the use of social cognitive perspective in the analysis of Paige Townsen's personality is more effective since there are numerous scenarios where her character is determined by the situational influence as well as self-efficiency.
With the use of social cognitive in the identification of Paige Townsen's character based on the occurrence of situations and the influence experienced by Paige, her personality can be described in general a loyal, kind, sweet, nervous and caring person. This can be explained in scenarios such as when she got the part as a cast in locked the movie, she had to consult with her friends that is Jake and Cassandra since during the auditions Paige was with Cassandra who wanted the part in the movie but dint qualify. The social attitude affected the behavior of Paige since when Paige wished to express herself babbles and stutters could be identified showing that she was nervous and expressed struggles explaining herself. For instance, when she was auditioning in the locked movie, Rainer Devon who is the male hero for the Famous in Love was also to be featured in the locked movie where Rainer identified that she was nervous based on the bubbling and the stuttering. The behavior of Paige Townsen is highly dependent on how she feels about a situation and she really cared about her loved ones. For instance, When Paige picked Jake’s phone to answer Alexis Gibson's call and spoke in Spanish, it led to Jake missing an opportunity to meet with Alexis’ directors for the script Jake was writing. Later on, after Paige realizing it was important for Jake and took action to assist Jake in getting Alexis to allow her to meet with her directors to an extent where she had to meet Alexis’ demands despite Paige and Alexis being rivals. Therefore, Paige can be described as a person that cared about what she loved ones felt and the well-being of the loved one. Moreover, when Jake went to launch his script and she left Paige to ride back home alone, Paige went to the nearby bar where she met with Eddie who was his ex-boyfriend from high school. Paige made irrational decisions since she was hurt by Jake and decided to sleep with Eddie.
Moreover, Paige playing her role in Locked, the movie was not easy for her since she had her mid-term paper to be submitted at the same time she had to play her role, hence, balancing between the academic priorities and the newfound career in acting was stressing her out. Therefore, the social attitude and behavior of Paige Townsen can be illustrated in a situation where she had to use her fame in tricking the economics tutor who had failed to mark the mid-term paper that she had submitted late. Instead, Paige used her current advantages by offering to take the tutor's kid and the best friend to meet with her co-actors. The thoughts of Paige Townsen are highly dependent on how she feels about a situation and she really cared about her loved ones. For example, after Paige chose Jake over Rainer, it was because Jake was his best friend and she had been having feelings for him, therefore, based on the fact that she had always wanted to be with Jake despite Rainer being so good to he

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