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A Movie Review: Remember the Titans (Movie Review Sample)


Watch and review the movie Remember the Titans and discuss the following topics 1. Question 1: The organizational culture, group norms and Values of the Offense Team 2. Question 2: Group functioning and dynamics of the Titans 3. Question 3: Leadership Style of Coach Boone 4. Question 4: The impact of the overriding community Culture and its effects on Players

A Movie Review: Remember the Titans
Question 1: The organizational culture, group norms and Values of the Offense Team
The Offence group that T.C. William high school placed under the leadership of Coach Boone has a composition of black players who have their group dynamics. The group has its basis on race supremacy. The reason the black players are on the offensive side is to distinguish them from the defensive side which is an all whites group. The culture of the offence group has its basis in the black culture rather than football culture. Furthermore, segregation and racism dominates the environment at this given period. The offence group did not discriminate their fellow black new members joining their group but had a problem with white members trying to join the offence team. The group handled conflicts physically as opposed to talking it out. Furthermore, they openly displayed discrimination against their white counterparts as they believed that the whites were weaker players than the black offence team was. In some cases, we see black's offence group fighting with the white defense team because of a misunderstanding between Julius and Gary. At the end of the movie, situations change in that, Coach Boone manages to integrate both the offence and the defense teams. Therefore, discrimination, prejudice and stereotype become a thing of the past. Matter of fact the change is so defined that the community in general feels the effect of the change and integration between the offence and the defense teams.
Question 2: Group functioning and dynamics of the Titans
Fundamentally, this paper has chosen to use the Titans team depicted in the movie Remember the Titans to address the functioning and dynamics of the group. At the start of the film, the team seemed like it would disintegrate anytime since individuals team members had their goals to achieve at the expense of the group. Worse of, the race card was imminent. Racism was a major factor, and the group did not do so well in terms of integration. The group started taking shape when Coach Boone takes charge of the team and decides to change the organization of the team. Studies conducted in organizational theory state that the greatest problems that leaders face in an organization is the resistance of change of the team players, poor communication skills, lack of motivation and conflicts between team players. That is much of what the Titans experiences in the beginning at that's where Coach Boone as their leader came in to sort out. As the head of the Titans streamlined and organised the group, the group started becoming cohesive. Boone forced them to communicate regularly, not only in terms of play but understand each other's private lives. This way, they were able to bond and revamp the organizations behavior. Subsequently, the members overlooked the prejudices that had been in place before. Segregation was a thing of the past since the group decided to accept change and deal with their personal conflicts maturely. New members who joined the team found it easier to integrate in the sense that, they members were identified for their effort and role that they played in the organization rather than what race they belonged to. Eventually, as compared to the way the Titans began, they ended up a totally revamped team free from racial prejudice. The goal of individual team players became the goal of the bed the way the performed.
Question 3: Leadership Style of Coach Boone
Mainly, when it comes to leadership, this paper depicts Coach Boone whose leadership style is rather authoritarian and yet efficient. It is in the sense that he is able to exert a certain level of force in the way he dictates his orders without ending up as an autocratic leader. The significance of Coach Boone's style of leadership lies in the fact that he works in a setting laced with racism, segregation and hatred among the white players and the blacks. In order for Boone to maintain his job at the T.C. William High School, his greatest challenge is to make sure that the Titans win. His worst challenge is integrating the black and white players together at a time where racial profiling and discrimination is the order of the day. In essence, a particular type of leadership is required, and there should not be any compromise about it. However, Coach Boone has used an authoritarian style of leadership not to humiliate his subjects or students, but to help them change their mindsets about racism and about working with each other in harmony. Not only is he authoritative but also charismatic in the sense that he is a source of motivation for his team. A case example is when he gives his team when they get to Gettsburg a motivational speech how 50,000 men perished in that town due to racism. That's why the Titans should come together at that time of need or else they will die j...
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