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Movie review Communications & Media Movie Review Paper (Movie Review Sample)


review 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' by banksy


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Exit Through The Gift Shop
The true nature of art is that it is the internal feeling expression of the person. This expression is done by passion and the person may live doing it regardless of the income coming from it. Thierry Guetta started taking films even when he knew very well the chances of benefiting from those films was almost zero. He spent a lot of money filming street artists doing their work. The other true nature of art is that it’s a venture which sometimes involves risk. This internal expression can be mocking or be a propaganda to either the government or certain class of individuals. This is shown by some of the artists like the Invader who in many times come into collision with the authorities. Thierry explains that one time had to delete his filming of Banksy when the authorities confronted him. The Shepard Fairey of the OBEY brand has also faced a lot of threats from the authorities.
Consumerism affects art in various ways. When the art is very creative and it’s unique, people will always be eager to see more and more such art. When an artist has focused on producing art which is depicting or talking something in the society, he will get attention from the people automatically as they are interested and are ready to buy hisart.  

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