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The Visual Elements the Raging Bull and Rocky Media Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Essay 5. Mise en Scene: The Visual Elements the Raging Bull and Rocky
After screening the boxing movies Raging Bull (1980) and Rocky (1976), write an essay that systematically and directly applies chapter 2 of Understanding Movies.
Your analysis should be based on still frames from both films. You should include a still or stills from each movie for each of the Mise en Scene concepts. Your introduction should refer to the importance of these two films.
In preparation for this assignment: read Chapter 2, Understanding Movies; screen Raging Bull and Rocky. The essay should consist of an introduction (which may include a very brief summary of the films), five sections with headers (1. The Frame, 2. Composition and Design, 3. Territorial Space, 4. Proxemic Patterns, and 5. Open and Closed Forms), each concept clearly defined (using Giannetti's exact words), and a conclusion.


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The Visual Elements the Raging Bull and Rocky
Deconstructing a scene is one of the best ways to understand a movie and movie making. When analyzing a film in a single view, an individual may miss the essential details within the film. Through mise en scene a film is broken down into pieces to find out how these pieces fit in with each other to give the overall experience of the movie. Mise en scene is a French word meaning putting in one scene. In film making it is defined as the placement of characters, props, and views within the frame as well as camera position. In the movie, Rocky has a quintessential dream and a strong spirit to succeed. Rocky is fighting for his self-image and doubt, and even though his opponent defeats him, he earns the respect of the crowd. In comparison, raging bull tells of a far darker tale, the character Jake is in many ways the inverse of Rocky. LaMotta's struggle to succeed consumes him and his life to the point that he ends up in prison. Both movies tell the story of athletes who have conflicts within themselves the difference being that as one athlete overcomes the battle, while the other succumbs to it.

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