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Movie Review of Double Indemnity (1944) Media Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


a review on the classic movie "double indemnity" describing how it was a classical hollywood and film noir.


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Features of Classical Hollywood in the movie Double Indemnity
Double Indemnity (1944) is a crime drama film that ticks all the features of a Hollywood classic. First, it is "narrative and character-driven." Insurance salesman Water Neff meets Phyllis Dietrichson, who uses her good looks to manipulate Mr. Neff to kill her husband. Within the first ten minutes of the movie, we see Mr. Neff going to the Dietrichson's place. Mr. Neff goes around the living room, explaining to Phyllis Dietrichson the insurance policy of her husband which he took three years ago.
The two main characters have different "goals." We learn that Phyllis does not know the details of Mr. Dietrichson's policy. There is tension between Phyllis and Walter. Walter tells the voice-over-narration, and after leaving the Dietrichson's place, he mentions murder. The "goal" for Mrs. Dietrichson is to get the insurance money. Mr. Neff is sexually attracted to Phyllis Dietrichson, so his goal is sex.
There is "impediment to characters' goals." For Mr. Neff, it is Phyllis postponing their appointment from Tuesday morning to Thursday afternoon when her husband is not there. Eighteen minutes into the movie, Walter finds out Phyllis' real plans where Mr. Neff accuses Phyllis of wanting to kill her husband. She throws him out of the house. The impediment to Phyllis goal is being found out.

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