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Analysis Of Larry Crowne: Does The Character Undergo Transformation? (Movie Review Sample)


Does the character Larry Crowne undergo transformation? Support your answer with 2 examples. 
Describe his attitude as he makes life decisions.


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Analysis of Larry Crowne
Larry Crowne is a 2011 film in which the lead character bears the same name as the movie title. Larry Crown is a successful employee at U-Mart who is suddenly rendered jobless following a wave of corporate downsizing. His life transformations rapidly and he needs the right attitude to cope.
Larry Crowne is a transformational movie; Crowne's life epitomizes this transformation. First, Larry's status changes from an employed team leader to a job seeker. He had been downsized because he lacked a college degree, thus had no chance of advancing up the corporate career ladder. Sadly, he could not compete in the labor market without higher education. Secondly, the character undergoes a more youthful transformation. After losing his job, he chooses to return to college where he meets new friends, joins a scooter club, and is renamed “Lance Corona.” He is influenced into adopting a different dress style and hairdo, a change that ma

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