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Analysis Of Larry Crowne: Does The Character Undergo Transformation? (Movie Review Sample)


Does the character Larry Crowne undergo transformation? Support your answer with 2 examples. 
Describe his attitude as he makes life decisions.

Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Analysis of Larry Crowne Larry Crowne is a 2011 film in which the lead character bears the same name as the movie title. Larry Crown is a successful employee at U-Mart who is suddenly rendered jobless following a wave of corporate downsizing. His life transformations rapidly and he needs the right attitude to cope. Larry Crowne is a transformational movie; Crowne’s life epitomizes this transformation. First, Larry’s status changes from an employed team leader to a job seeker. He had been downsized because he lacked a college degree, thus had no chance of advancing up the corporate career ladder. Sadly, he could not compete in the labor market without higher education. Secondly, the character undergoes a more youthful transformation. After losing his job, he chooses to return to college where he meets new friends, joins a scooter club, and is renamed “Lance Corona.” He is influenced into adopting a different dress style and hairdo, a change that makes him a lot more “cool” compared to his former, old-fashioned self. Crowne demonstrates optimism as he makes life choices throughout the movie. He lost nearly everything and risked losing even more if he did not reinvent his life. Optimistically, after his dismissal, he called on different retail stores to find placement. When landing a job proved futile, he was convinced that there might still be another way so he consulted his neighbors who suggested going back to college. He did just that despite having relying entirely on himself for support. Wi...
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