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Review Of The Day After Tomorrow Showcasing The Global Warming Effects (Movie Review Sample)


the task was to write a movie review of the day after tomorrow showcasing the global warming effects.


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8 May 2018
The Day after Tomorrow
Global warming is one of the most common topics of debate nowadays. However, it is a serious issue the world is facing. In order to aware the people about this issue, several mediums are used to convey the ill effect of global warming. Movie making is one of the best and suitable medium for this issue as it covers a huge portion of the population of the world. This report is all about one of the movies based on the issue of global warming. The day after tomorrow is a tragedy based movie which was directed by Roland Emmerich featuring Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ian Holm, Emmy Rossum, Sela Ward in the lead roles CITATION Com04 \l 1033 (Common Sense Media). This sci-fi thriller movie was released across the globe in the year 2004.
The movie begins when a paleoclimatologist named Jack Hall found that the world has to face the hazardous effects of climate change and global warming CITATION Com04 \l 1033 (Common Sense Media). Getting aware of this, he tried to aware the Vice president of US and officials but none of them was eager to take his conclusion as a serious matter. Major climatic changes were seen that indicated something worse is going to happen in future. The changes in the environment were the outcomes of global warming. The movie revolves around the actions taken by Jack Hall to save the people from this disaster. Further, the movie displays the destruction caused by several disasters like hurricanes, earthquake, storms etc. at different places of the world CITATION Com04 \l 1033 (Common Sense Media). The visuals of such scenes are mind-blowing and give goose bumps to the audience. The movie portrays great destruction and violence that may influence kids. One of the sequences was visualized that involved massive bloodshed and injuries that might be terrifying and disturbing to the kids and may affect them adversely CITATION IMD04 \l 1033 (IMDb). So it requires parents' cooperation and support while watching the movie so that

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