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Movie Analysis Assignment: The Hoods N The Boyz (Movie Review Sample)


Review the movie Boyz n the hoods


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The Hoods N the Boyz is a very emotive film showing the life of the blacks in the ghetto. Tre is raised by both her single mother and later his father Furious. The firm focus on the education of the children in the ghetto, the hard and criminal life that is practiced by teenagers such as the Doughboy who is a friend to Tre, the engagement of the teenagers in sexual behaviors, the police brutality in the society and the values in bringing children in the society where Furious is able to bring up Tres to be a good and respectable young man.
The protagonist Tres is a young man in his teenage ages who first seems hard-headed but later on reforms. He is able to work hard in his education and pursues his college education. The firm brings out the role of the parents in up-bring children in the ghetto. In South Central California, Furious the father of Tres takes up the role of upbringing his young boy. He not only gives his good advice that later on Tres is able to reflect on as he pursues vengeance but is also a good parent. Her mother is able to cope with the bad behaviors of Tres at a tender age of 10 years which forces him to send him to his father.The good parental hood is exhibited by Furious despite the fact that this boy has got a bad company in the ghetto he is able to shape him into a fine young man (Dyson, pg.125-126).
Police are a protector of the people and their main role is to maintain law and order in the society. In the ghetto, the scenario is totally different. The police use their powers as a show of might and strength at the expense of the poor people. The police who come to help Furious after he is attacked by a burglar a black police and a white one. The white policeman is courteous and resp

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