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Character Analysis Of The Protagonist Of The Film - The Crucible (Movie Review Sample)


Character analysis of the protagonist of the film - the crucible


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John Proctor Character in the Film: The Crucible
John Proctor, the protagonist of The Crucible, plays a significant role in addressing a number of character traits. In the film, Proctor is portrayed as a man respected by his wife and peers. He’s an honest and hardworking father and husband but as the film progresses, we learn that he’s hiding a dirty secret.
Like many people living in Salem, Proctor is a farmer and a good one in fact. This is primarily because he is a hardworking man who’s dedicated to having a successful farm. His wife explains that he doesn’t spend much of his time drinking like other men in Salem and is always working in his farm day in and out, even on Sundays. Proctor is also pious. For the better part of the film, he’s keen to keep to the strict rules of his faith. Despite his

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