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Film Review: The Village a Movie by M. Night Shyamalan (Movie Review Sample)


"The Village" its a movie here is the link


The Village
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The Village is a movie by M. Night Shyamalan. The movie is interesting because of a concept of how people consider reality and what is an objective reality. In other words, the main characters of the movie live in a village in the 19th century; however, it is an artificial existence, when the real time is the 21st century. People do not know about the outside world and they do not have any idea what is outside of the village apart from being afraid of some monsters in the forest. The movie is not the best among the director’s filmography, but it provokes a very unique and interesting idea, which is similar to the one posed in the Matrix and several other movies but from a different perspective.
It is necessary to understand that people in this village are pretty naive and they could not understand how the real world works. Each one of them has their own special role in an isolated community and the life seems reasonable and logical for them. However, it is necessary to state that they do not even think about the outside world at all. People who control the village created an interesting and effective mythology about the outside world, as something evil, horrific, sinful, and inappropriate for such people from this village. In other words, people from the village do not h

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