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Cutie And The Boxer: The Characters Lifestyle, Their Spirit (Movie Review Sample)


The task was to give a film analysis and review

Cutie and the Boxer
Cutie and the Boxer is a 2013 film directed by Zachary Heinzerling. It is an American documentary film revealing a true story of love. The film features Ushio and Noriko Shinohara as the main characters depicting their relationship as husband and wife. The film is constructed through a wide range of recording and events featuring the couple troubling 40 years of marriage. One of the unique aspects is that Ushio is 80 years old though energetic and has managed to convey a broad range of messages and attributes of his marriage. The documentary is unique since it embodies real aspects of life about the two. The director has managed to combine the faces, the characters lifestyle, their spirit and their art into giving rise to important film.
The movie employs the Japanese language for most of its parts. However, it is unique in the way audience manages to connect with the film, and the artworks revealed without the need to know the Japanese language. It is showed that Ushio makes the painting using a pair of paint soaks boxing gloves and splatters. On the other hand, Noriko is the wife who is 20years younger than her husband. As a base of the documentary, she reveals how she left her career to become a wife, chef, receptionist and assistant to Ushio. These elements play a significant role in supporting that the film is more about life, inspiration, love, and sacrifice. The aspect of aspiration is revealed by the way Noriko also grows to be an artist. The film shows a series of autobiographical comics that she constructs t reveals life attributes. It is evident that Noriko represents many women who have been in a relationship who have sacrificed their life goals and careers for marriage. These aspects are hidden in her comic pictures manifested in the film as to portray tension and resentment among others.
It is right to note that the artwork revealed in the film is based on the couple’s life. The director of the film mentioned that it is a work that shows element of a complicated mix of deep resentment and worn-in love (Marua, p. 4). Ushio adopts a character in his artwork which he names as Cutie. Her story is rather comic and well described by his artwork and how she comes to New York and fall in love with Bullie and old and poor artist. In a well-meditated way, Ushio presents most of his work in white and black illustrations. The film manifests two people living the romantic idea of the artist who is a rare element contributing to making the film is kind. Additionally to the message the film adopts a stable feel and look. It is built by the music and the color scheme took the actors wear t-shirts that have faded pastels to signify time passage a...
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