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Movie Review Assignment Paper on Fury Fictional War Film (Movie Review Sample)


reviewing "fury" movie

Movie Review: Fury
‘Fury’ is a fictional war film produced by Bill Block and written and directed by David Ayer, which premiered on October 2014. The film portrays the British-American operations and armored warfare in the final days of World War II in Nazi Germany with an aim of bringing out the realities that ensured during that period. The film revolves around a warfare tank named ‘Fury’ and its all-veteran crew in their final push into the Nazi’s territory which was marred by several misfortunes due to negligence, inconsistencies and inexperience of some crew members. The all-veteran crew included the Army staff sergeant Wardaddy, Bible, Grady and their driver Gordo and the platoon members who had training in support of programs for the invasion. The film sets off with a major misfortune of losing their assistant driver ‘Red’ in action, necessitating the recruitment of Norman Ellison, trained as a typist, as a temporary driver to keep the force moving forward. His inexperience costs the team on several occasions forcing the team leader to test Norman’s loyalty by forcing him to kill a German captive. After his confirmed kill, the team continues with the operation with difficulties as they face technical, mechanical and organizational mishaps in the ambush involving a German Tiger 1 tank, immobilized by land mines and a clash with the battalion of Waffen-SS. The film approaches the final moments of the warfare whereby the crew ruthlessly fights the Germans despite the desperation and helplessness when they ran out of ammunition and ended up losing all the crew leaving Norman as the only survivor. Norman is later rescued by the United States soldiers as a hero leaving behind the battered and broken Fury.
Fury rejuvenates the historical and the hyped World War II and the fact that it was inspired by books such as Death Trap and the director’s firsthand information from his service of veteran’s family, gives the realistic touch coupled with a historical narration. The director’s choice of shooting the film in England, where historical and archived tanks are available, gives the film an historic representation of what ensured in Europe during the time, and it gives learners a platform for comparative analysis with the theoretical studies of the World War II. In other words, the film brings out the historical perspectives learned in classrooms to motion pictures that address various organizational, psychological, experiential and tactical lessons that can be applied in real life. Ideologically, the film extrapolates invalidates the misconceptions associated with the World War II and offers different explanations and point of reference for the warfare scholars and interested individuals in the fields of organization, management and leadership.
Occasionally, and considering the political, cultural and economic misconceptions associated with World War II, film producers and directors would employ prototypes and prop versions of weaponry in their film sets to minimize stereotyping and the associated criticisms. In Fury, the film set comprised of the surviving weaponry, uniforms and appropriate background that authenticates the historical perceptions and comprehensively informs the audience of the facts surrounding the operations at the time. Ideally, the film not only introduces the young generation to the struggles experienced during the period, but it depicts and portrays real developments at the warfront that involved American soldiers, Canadian Sherman...
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