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Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Over the Edge (1979) (Movie Review Sample)

the task wasCompare and Contrast the films "Rebel Without a Cause 1955" and "Over the Edge 1979", in terms of theme, plot characterization, etc. (be sure to get names, dates, etc. correct.) source..
Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Over the Edge (1979) Introduction Rebel Without a Cause (1955) is a classic drama film about emotionally confused uptown, middle-class teenagers, which was released on the 27th of October, 1955 in United States of America. The film was directed by Nicholas Ray and produced by David Weibsbart. While Over the Edge (1979) is a coming-of-age, crime drama film about rebellious teenagers in New Granada Community after the death of their friend. The movie by Jonathan Kaplan was released on May 18, 1979 in the United States of America. It was written by Charles S. Haas and Tim Hunter and produced by Robert S. Bremson, Joe Kapp, and George Litto. Both stories are interconnected and interrelated with common characters and similar storylines; however, they still position some differences in the plot. Contrast and Compare Analysis In the Rebel Without a Cause, youngster Jim Stark (James Dean), the new kid in town, is hopeful that he will find love, which he thinks he does not get from his middle-class family. He always finds himself in trouble, for instance, being arrested for drunkenness, an issue that forces his parents to move over and over again. As the new child at the neighborhood secondary school, Jim is treated like a foreigner; however, in the long run, he finds a related soul in kindred understudies Judy (Natalie Wood) and Plato (Sal Mineo). The three teenagers shape an eccentric "family" of their own; however, their solid bond just incidentally brings them joy, acknowledgment, and security before outside powers shred them apart (Stern, 1955). The movie has a running time of 111 minutes. In Over the Edge, Carl (Michael Kramer) and his companions, Ritchie (Matt Dillon), Claude (Tom Fergus), and Johnny (Tiger Thompson) are hanging out at The Rec, a diversion place for the children in New Grenada, an arranged group loaded with apartment suites and town homes. The Rec is essentially the main thing around the local area for the youngsters, as the Homeowners Association completely overlooked the way that about 25% of the number of inhabitants in New Grenada is less than 15 years old. Along these lines, normally, the children get themselves some different approaches to have a great time: sex, drugs, liquor, vandalism, and shake n roll. One of the main scenes indicated is Mark Perry (Vincent Spano) and his companion shooting his B.B. weapon at approaching vehicles on the bridge. Nonetheless, when they hit a police cruiser, they chuckle and cheer and choose to leave before the cop sees them. They bounce on their bicycles, and ride not far off, passing Carl and Ritchie, who, when cautioned by the young men about cops, plunge into the weeds behind an electric control box. The squad car pulls up, and out strides Sgt. Doberman (Harry Northup), the most abhorred cop around the local area. He sees the young men, and, after searching them, finds a three-inch folding knife...
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