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Gattaca movie (Movie Review Sample)

A review of Gattaca movie source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Gattaca the Movie Q1. The movie ‘Gattaca' is fiction drama set in the future where genetic engineering rather the schooling skills determines an individual's life and success. The plot of the movie also explores the capability of the wealthy population to determine the genetic makeup and character of their descendants at present. The principal aim of this genetical modification of the human character is to design people in the future to fit perfectly into whatever role decided for them before conceiving (Kirby, 2000, p.193). The protagonist in the movie Vincent is the last of the natural babies conceived into a sterile and genetically-influenced world. A period characterized by low life expectancy and high chances of disease contraction among infants. The author fashion citizens in this neighborhood of the future-world as faultless specimens with specially engineered characters, while those naturally-born minorities consider themselves as inferior to the future perfect specimens (Valids) who are supreme. The society does not find Vincent Freeman as their own since they assess him as lesser fit, given that his genetic make-up made him one of the underclass human beings specifically right for unskilled jobs. Meanwhile, Vincent presumes the individuality of Jerome Morrow a perfect specimen of the genetic engineering prospect, crippled in an accident. As a result, Vincent attains importance in the Gattaca Corporation, chosen by the corporation for his life-long desire. The corporation objectively organized a manned mission to Saturn with the m...
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