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Prepare a Movie Review of the Film Braveheart, Acting of the Movie (Movie Review Sample)


a movie review of the film braveheart


Course Instructor:
Question 1
The true, as well as the main theme or subject of the Braveheart film, is "Freedom”. In the movie, the feelings of one a slave as well as how the loved ones are being sacrificed by those who love them to achieve their country’s freedom is talked about in general. The dying cry of Wallace was ‘Freedom’ as his body was stretched on a rack. The following elements, as well as scenes, contribute to addressing the theme of the movie, Wallace tells the well-to-do Scots who fear entering into the fray that they should not think that the people of their country exist to provide them with position but rather it is the position they hold that exist to provide freedom to the people. When they go to war, Wallace shouts to his outnumbered troops without fear and asks them if they are ready for war. The elements in the movie relate to as well as contributing to the central purpose, theme as well as to its total effect. The music used in the movie enshrines emotion as well as true feelings that create empathy to the audience. It conveys the feelings of fight, sadness, revenge as well as pleasure that are expressed beautifully in the movie. The character elements, on the other hand, contribute to the theme in that all the characters have their story in the film but fight for a reason. The period of the movie is quite old, in the 13th century and therefore, the dressing of the characters, their behaviors as well as the environment is in line with the time depicted thereby bringing reality in the movie.
Question 2
There are about three important elements that are adverse in the movie. They include; the music, the environment, and the characters. The movie employs music that suits its setting as well as the theme of freedom. The music depicts various emotions, for example, revenge, fight among others that contribute to the theme of the movie. The environment of the movie is suitable as it depicts the 13th century kind of environment hence contributing to the central purpose of the movie while the characters play their role in comparison with the people of those times.
Question 3
The story is told in a chronological manner in which it starts with the events that led to the current situation of in the movie. The story begins in 1280 with the invasion of Scotland by King Edward Longshanks after the death of its King Alexander III, who died without an heir. Wallace survives the events that follow which include the killing of his family and his paternal uncle takes him to a pilgrimage where he is educated. On his return, he reunites with his childhood friends where he falls in love with one of them, and they marry in secret fearing the events that are associating with weddings. His lover, Murron is captured and executed, and this makes him revenge by killing the English garrison. These events spark battles between the two groups and in the end Wallace is captured and sentenced to death but he refuses to bow down to the English King, and his cry is that of freedom. The narrative employs a narrative hook at the beginning of the movie as a device to attract the attention of the audience to keep watching the movie.
Question 4
The acting of the movie is realistic in nature. The characters are quite dynamic as they change as the movie progresses, for example, Wallace on his return, falls in love with a girl who is later executed by the English people. At this point, his character changes and he starts fighting against the English in the quest for Scotland’s freedom.
Question 5
In general, the cinematography of the movie is good in that every scene has got its value. In the movie lighting depicts the feelings, for example, light is taken to mean happiness while dark, on the other hand, means sadness. The sad scenes in the movie are depicted in darkness hence tells of its emotions. An example of an interesting scene is when freedom was won by Scotland. It was daylight that signified the happiness mood of the Scottish people. Another scene was when Wallace was in love with Murron and were having a good time together. The lighting of the scene was epic and with light that depicted the happy mood they had as a result of their love.
Question 6
The movie shows a great work of editing and a good example of editing in the movie is the charge of cavalry. In this scene, horses were running towards the Scottish while Wallace tells his soldiers to hold after which they spear the riders of the horses. In this scene, the technique of very fast pace editing is seen. This editing technique was interesting and could be one of the best editing techniques in the film.
Question 7
The shooting of the film is in various places that bring out the setting of the 13th century nation of Scotland. During those times in history, the use of sophisticated was not conceivable. The use of swords, hammers, axes, farm tool...
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