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In time Literature & Language Movie Review Research (Movie Review Sample)


The essay was requesting for any movie review and I chose in time. The sample outline some interaction stages in human life.


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Have you ever thought if time was measurable and you knew what time you have in the world? I guess you should watch in time movie. In time is an American movie that was written, directed and was produced by Andrew Nichol, Amanda Seyfried, and Cillian Murphy. The film was a dystopian science fiction action thriller. This movie was created in 2011 and was released the same year on October 28trh. This movie outlined how people stopped aging at the age of twenty-five years. According to this movie, a new economy existed whereby everything that was consumed starting from bus free to food, to drinks and even in the casino time was the currency. A person used to work in industries and what they could get in return was time as a means of payment.

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