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Red Sorghum (Movie Review Sample)

this submission was a term paper that required the student to answer several questions based on the film, the red sorghum. source..
Name Course Date 1 Explain how the plot helped develop an important trait of a key character. Red Sorghum is a film that tells the story that narrates the incidents that led to the loss of many Chinese lives including the lead protagonist’s life during a Japanese invasion. The plot of the movie has helped in disclosing the honourable character of the narrator and his father, the lead protagonist’s son and husband, who are the only survivors of the explosion that goes off in their sorghum fields during the invasion. They were the only two survivors who held the authentic perspective and could reconcile the events that led to the explosion to those that happened afterwards. 2 Describe the strongest emotion you felt while watching the film – and what caused it. The strongest emotion I felt while watching the film was that of distress and sorrow. This is because the lead actress was sold by her father into marriage to an older man suffering from leprosy. However, even after her old husband dies, her new alcoholic husband is not cooperative either. The sorrow came up most when she went to the farm to feed her workers who had been holding camp at the fields in order to stop the Japanese invasion, only to die with them there after an explosion as her son watched the horrific events. This proved that she was a good steward to her employees. 3 Describe the one element of the film (e.g., acting, cinematography, editing, sound, and setting) that stood out most. The element of the film that stood out the most was the cinematography. The entire film was filled with bright colours and camera movements that made the viewer feel as though they were in the film. The Red Sorghum field clearly depicted the typological field of blood it meant to represent. This red field of Sorghum becomes an actual field of blood as an explosion goes off during the violent Japanese invasion. These colours all called the viewer to alert in order to find out their symbolic representations and hidden meanings. 4 Explain why you would or would not advise a friend to watch this film. I would advise my friends to watch this film because it is able to capture serious events such as the cultural conditions of China in the early 1920’s all the way to the 1970’s and the historical aspect of the war and violence. This film is based on leadership styles and the cultural and societal patterns and norms. This film is a necessary watch because it shows leaders how a leadership style can transform the perspective of their juniors and positively impact their work output. 5 Describe the most memorable scene (action in a single location and continuous time). The most memorable scene was in the Red Sorghum fields where Jiu'er goes out to feed her hungry employees who had been camping in the fields awaiting the Japanese invasion. While Jiu'er is in the fields, together with her employees, explosions go off in that same field. Everyone dies apart from Jiu'er’s son who watches from their home and her husband. This scene is memorable because a good leader, Jiu'er, dies while serving her juniors, a remarkable thing for a leader to be doing. 6 What is the main thing that this film seems to be about (the underlying message or theme)? The main theme of the film borders on political and cultural conditions that surrounded the events that led to the death of all the vineyard workers and the leader, Jiu'er. This is because when Jiu'er’s husband dies and she takes over his abandoned vineyard, she takes on a leadership style that not only motivates her employees but also transforms their attitude. Jiu'er makes the transition ...
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