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The American President Literature & Language Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


A movie review of the "American president"


The American President (1995)
Brief Overview of Movie and why the Speech is Given
The American President is a comedy-drama about a widowed United States’ President who falls in love with an environmental lobbyist. Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas) is about to end his first term as the U.S. president. He addresses the press on Senator Rumson and the crime Bill which his government intended to submit to the parliament. During the speech, the president highlights various measures he intends to undertake to curb insecurity in America. The speech portrays him as an assertive president – he is bold and seems assured of his leadership role. He is confident that Americans entrust in him. During the speech, he launches a scathing attack on his major critic, Senator Rumson, describing him as someone who has nothing to offer to Americans. The speech, therefore, portrays Shepherd as an individual who values character and commands respect. He is a loving person – this is evident by her emotional attachment to Bening (Sydney Ellen Wade), an environmental Lobbyist.
Critique on Speaker’s (President’s) Delivery

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