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Climate Of Doubt: The Authors Views On Climate Change (Movie Review Sample)


The task was to write a review and highlight the author's views on climate change, what human beings think about it and what implications it has had to the common livelihood.

Climate of doubt
The narrator of the film starts of by giving out her own personal views on climate change. The narrator alleges that many people find it hard to believe in the issue of climate change and green house emission. The narrator argues that people ignore the concept of global warming as a result of many issues. The narrator argues that there exist a lot of uncertainties about the issue of climate change as a result of the unpredictability of Mother Nature. It is also hard to determine the photography of gas emissions. The lack of clear photos on gas emissions makes many people to doubt the issue of climate change. The uncertainties on climate change, global warming and greenhouse emissions make it hard for people to believe in the issue of climate change. Many people doubt the information on climate change rather than taking it as gospel truth. They doubt climate change as a result of the uncertainties that come with nature and lack of concrete evidence on the issue.
The narrator argues that after industrial revolution the global energy consumption has increased. The increase in energy consumption also led to an increase in the emission of green house gases in the atmosphere. The narrator alleges that some people argue that they did not cause global warming but it is nature, which did it. In the film a figure depicting an increase and decrease in the sun’s energy output in the last two decades is shown. The global surface temperature is always increasing from time to time. The increase in the global temperature has led to the melting of ice, which is likely to lead to the increase of the seawaters. If the trend continues, flooding will become common in places like Florida. The author finalizes by alleging that adaptation is a long process, which cannot wait because everything will be under water.
The proponents of climate change have used various logical fallacies to support their arguments. One of the logical fallacies that they base their arguments is logos. Logos is an appeal to logic, and is a way of persuading an audience by reason. The proponents of climate change persuade their audience by reason and evidence. Most proponents of global warming use statistics like the percentage of the melting glaciers to appeal to our reason on the issue of climate change. Since 1978 more than twenty five percent of the tropical ice has disappeared due to melting. A research carried out on 67 glaciers in Alaska from 1960s to 1990s shows that they are slowly disappearing (Thompson 157). They argue about the negative effects that are being brought by climate change by giving evidence. They use statistics to support their arguments on how climate change is likely to have a negative effect to nature. In the film, the narrator uses logos by giving statistics on how the temperatures have continued to rise over the past few years. The narrator argues that temperatures have continued to increase since the time of the industrial revolution. From the reason of the narrator, it is evident that human activities have led to climate change and thus she appeals to the reason of people to help and salvage the situation. The increase in green house gases is also used as the evidence of climate change in the last few years. Proponents of climate change argue that greenhouse gases are accumulating beyond natural levels in the atmosphere (Mazza 2). Human activities, for instance, the use of fossil fuel is responsible for the ever-increasing green house gases in the atmosphere.
The argument of the narrator does not directly link global warming to human activities. The narrator should find a way in which to link the activities of human beings to global warming. The author can make the argument to be strong by narrating how human beings directly contribute to the increase in global temperatures and thus increasing in the sea level. Giving examples how human activities directly contribute to the problem of global warming can eliminate the flow in the argument.
On the other hand, the opponents of climate change argue that human beings did not cause climate change if it exists at all. They allege that the nature might be the cause of climate changes it the problem exists at all. The unpredictability in nature is one of the strongest points that the opponents of climate change base on in their arguments. It is hard to determine the photography of gas emissions in the atmosphere and thus opponents of climate change find an avenue to challenge the proponents of climate change.
The opponents of climate change use pathos to appeal to the audience on how climate change is not an issue. Ethos is an appeal to ethics, and it is a means of convincing someone of the character or credibility of the persuader. The opponents base on the unpredictability of nature and...
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