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Global Poverty at a Glance (Movie Review Sample)


DO A REVIEW ON THE DOCUMENTARY "alternative approach to poverty"


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I have argued that present methods to global poverty—which are based on utility, human rights, or compassion-are insufficient because they are unable to address some issues that are important to people. Trying to persuade folks to give up even a small amount of money is a desirable goal, and I sympathize with Peter Singer, especially because his argument is plain and obvious; persuading individuals to give up even a small amount of money is a worthy goal. His technique, on the other hand, continues to be subjected to significant philosophical critique. Most critically, Singer's failure to recognize the root causes of poverty is quite concerning. A successful approach to combat poverty should address the factors (and individuals) that contribute to the plight of millions of people. Any attempt to assist impoverished people may, and likely will be damaged if the underlying causes are not thoroughly investigated.
We can't keep bandaging the wounds of the underprivileged all over the world; we must first prevent them from getting hurt in the first place. Thomas Pogge's human rights approach, which is based on a clear focus on causes, puts us on the right track. I agree with his claim that we are ethically complicit in the exploitation of the world's poor. According to Pogge, the international economic system is a key source of the decline, and because we are ethically engaged in the continuation of such policies, we have a moral duty to assist those who need it. However, his response to the question of what everyone must do is highly ambiguous: what I (as an individual) must do to satisfy my negative duties is not at all obvious. Even if the structural reforms proposed by Pogge are achieved (and I am not convinced that the world's poor will be given the opportunity to live better lives because of this).

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