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Research the Future of Stress Management in Work Place (Movie Review Sample)


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The Future of Stress Management in Work Place
Part I
Stress management is one of the key agenda in workplaces. Managers together with employees often suffer the impacts of stress in different ways. In this part of the video, Porter concentrates on the position of workplace stress among different working groups. From the facts and figures relating to the workplace, Porter affirms that work is one of the major causes of stress around the globe. Nearly 80 percent of the working Americans often feel stress on the job (Porter 0:29). Not less than 60 percent also suffer from work-related anxieties and irritation (Porter 0:33). Evidently, this is a clear reflection that stress management is a critical aspect in areas of work.
Occupational stress impacts heavily on employees. Porter asserts that workplace stress is one leading causes of heart disease. Jobs or professions associated with high pressure (like being a lawyer, nurse, or teaching) often present with higher rates of stress than those associated with low pressure or demands. Similarly, workplace stress may also evolve from the condition of the working environment. Unhealthy working environments instill pressure among the employees. Porter gives seven features of such environments (porter 3:04) as injuries, conflicts, infections, back pain, mental health complications, certain cancer and high chances of heart problems.
Employees often work well they are calm. The performance rate grows to an optimum level which diminishes rapidly when stress sets in (Poter 6:28). Managers, therefore, have to overcome several obstacles to ensure continuous optimal performance. First, they must acknowledge that stress exists and some measures have to be put in place to reduce it. Workers should avoid counter-productive measures (like drug abuse, overspending, anger) in coping with stress issues. Evidently, these choices often leads to unhealthy lifestyle choices that can result in severe health problems.
Basically, this section video focuses on the realities the stress managers have to highlight as they move into the future of stress management. Doctors must acquire adequate training in stress management. Patients must develop ways to identify when they are stressed. Cultural obstacles like a badge of honor must be a foregone past.
Part II
The results of teaching employees and managers about stress have to be long-lasting to ensure a continually motivated workforce. Basically, this part of the video focuses on ways to implement changes that can give long-lasting results in the future of stress management (Porter 0:29). As the presenter emphasizes, there is need to implement strategies that give time to experience behavioral changes. Employing multi-pronged approaches that cater to multi-generational audiences is significant. Similarly, it is important to acknowledge that stress management is a responsibility of both the individual and management team. The overall implication is that managements have to be taught stress management as people move into the future. With this, solutions to various stress-related problems will be reduced in workplaces.
Second, workers should be given more autonomy. Giving workers more control can help reduce the chances of stress eruption (Porter 4:48). The presenter refers to Karasak’s demand versus control model to explain this point in which control often act as a stimulant to meeting demands. However, teaching stress management should also encompass briefing audiences on behavioral changes (Porter 6:36). The audience needs to understand what relapse means, and it affects their behaviors. Teaching stress management also needs to focus on programs that can at least last for a year. Programs like sending weekly mails, encouraging audiences to participate short-term body exercises, engaging online tools at work or home assignments.
Stress management has amazing impacts on the both the organization and the individuals. Chances of absenteeism, unnecessary health care costs, turnover, and accidents are greatly reduced (Porter 8:25. This process also leads to improved job satisfaction, high productivity and enhanced concentration of the employees. Thus, the general implication is that stress a lot of energy and stress management, therefore, is a way of energy ma...
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