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Business & Marketing
Multiple Choice Questions
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Multiple Choice Questions: Choose the Correct Answer (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


Choose the correct answer

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1.The sum of three times a number and a second number will total 12 or greater. The sum of three times the first number and twice the second number is less than or equal to 15. Find the two numbers.
A. first number = 2 and second number = -1
B. first number = 3 and second number = 2
C. first number = 5 and second number = 1
D. first number = 4 and second number = 1
2. Andrew wants to buy Stephanie balloons and roses for Valentine’s Day. Roses cost $2.50 each and balloons are $1.25 each. He has $15 to spend. Which of the following is a possible combination of roses and balloons?
A. 1 rose and 11 balloons
B. 3 roses and 7 balloons
C. 5 roses and 2 balloons
D. 6 rose and 1 balloon
3. The boys and girls at a middle school are raising money for technology at their school. The boys are selling cookie dough for $8 per box and the girls are selling candles for $5 each. They must raise more than $1000. The girls expect to sell at least 80 candles. Which of the following is a solution?
A. 75 boxes of cookie dough and 90 candles
B. 70 boxes of cookie dough and 85 candles
C. 65 boxes of cookie dough and 80 candles
D. 60 boxes of cookie dough and 75 candles
4. Matt and Emily are building a rectangular vegetable garden for their grandmother. They can use up to 60 feet of fencing to enclose the garden. Which of the following is a possible combination of length and width they can use to build the garden?
A. Length: 5 feet, Width: 26 feet
B. Length: 11 feet, Width: 20 feet
C. Length: 12 feet, Width: 17 feet
D. Length: 17 feet, Width: 14 feet
5. Carmen is purchasing hamburgers and chips for a party. A bag of chips costs $2 each and hamburgers cost $4 per pound. She must spend less than $50. Carmen will be buying at least six pounds of hamburgers. Which of the following is a solution for Carmen?
A. 10 bags of chips and 8 pounds of hamburger
B. 10 bags of chips and 7 pounds of hamburger
C. 13 bags of chips and 6 pounds of hamburger
D. 15 bags of chips and 5 pounds of hamburger
6. William got $150 for making all A’s on his report card. He wants to spend it on CDs and DVDs. The local video store is having a sale; all CDs are $10 and all DVDs are $15. Which of the following is a possible combination of CDs and DVDs?
A. 2 CDs and 9 DVDs
B. 7 CDs and 5 DVDs
C. 8 CDs and 6 DVDs
D. 11 CDs and 3 DVDs
7. David needs hotdogs and hamburgers for the tailgate party. He doesn’t want to spend any more than...
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