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Business & Marketing
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Question and Answer Business & Marketing Multiple Choice Questions (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


Question #1
For this week's discussion, think about the best location for your e-portfolio. Do you want to use an existing social media platform, or create your own? Do you want to post a blog, or create a website? What period do you want your e-portfolio to be available for viewing? Will the public be able to access your site, or will access be restricted? Be constructive in content and tone. Highlight your thoughts in an action plan.
Question #2
This week we discussed ways to market your graduate skills in business and management. Provide your own top 3 DOs and top 3 DON’Ts for marketing your skills. Meaning, what are the three positives you will emphasize, and the three negatives you will remove or reduce from within your professional toolbox?


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Questions and Answers
Question 1
I think the best location for my e-portfolio is LinkedIn. Acting as a job marketing tool, I will develop my e-portfolio while looking for the right job (Yu, 2012). The e-portfolio fits my achievements, makes me unique among other candidates, feels confident during job interviews, attains a competitive edge, and tracks my career growth. It will enable me to develop an outstanding profile on LinkedIn. I intend to use my existing LinkedIn account. The e-portfolio will allow my static LinkedIn profile to be interactive with links to more contexts showing evidence of accomplishments and skills listed on my resume.
Because LinkedIn does not allow archiving file storage and creating and customizing my stories with multimedia evidence, I will create a website. In order to increase my google searchability and make it easy for people to find and connect, I will put my e-portfolio in my LinkedIn profile and link my LinkedIn profile to my e-portfolio. I will then place my e-portfolio on my cover letters and resumes, including a link to my e-portfolio in my email signature. I will refer to the right sections in my portfolio during job interviews using my phone to show 

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