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Running a Businness Business & Marketing MCQ (None-Time-Framed) (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


The task needed one to answer the factors that are required to run a successful business and the utilities needed.


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The four production factors include land, capital, labor, and organization.
Land: Graeter's family did not depend on large areas to begin their business. It was started in their house, and even after enjoying the success of their business, they opened more places in small corners. Labor: Most members of the family are also the employees in the ice cream manufacturing business. They embraced it with responsibility and care. The owners did not rush or use machines while filling the cones. They used their hands to avoid the formation of air gaps. Chip Graeter notes that “all of our ice cream is packed by hand” (Pride et al., 2014).
Organization: The family began with a small investment that later developed into an international business. The growth of their business and the taste of great achievement made them feel like the success that involves the hometown. Richard Grater, for instance, says, “Community involvement is just part of being a good corporate citizen.”(Pride et al., 2014). Charities benefit from the profits made. They have always devoted to the quality of their products over the years. Capital: They began as a small household business that gradually grew with time. The family manages wealth through its generations. They have adopted the used of simple, fresh ingredients over the years.

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