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YCJA Multiple Choice Questions (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


YCJA PART 1 and YCJA PART 2 questions and answer


Assignment 1
Criminal records are used by the courts as a guideline when imposing sentences upon convicted offenders. When sentencing an individual, the judge must look at specific deterrence and general deterrence. Under the criminal youth justice act prior criminal convictions cannot be used against an individual once the person becomes an adult, unless certain conditions are existing. Should the previous youth conviction always be allowed by the judge as a proper measuring instrument, when imposing adult sentence?
According to the Criminal Youth Justice Act the purpose of sentencing is to hold the criminal offender accountable for an offence he or she has committed through the imposition of joint sanctions that have meaningful consequences for the youth (Alvi 2012). This improves the offender rehabilitation and reintegration in the society that he or she lives. The sentence contributes to a long-term protection of the public because it is in the rare case that this offender commits the same crime again. The judge should therefore, impose conviction to the youth because it is more advantageous both to the society and to that particular offender. It is through the sentence that the criminal is able to change his behaviours. The offender changes from a criminal to a useful person in the society (Alvi 2012).
The conviction encourages the offender to acknowledge and repair the harm they have caused to the victims or anyone else who was affected Alvi. The young person becomes accountable of his or her offending behaviours. They face up their crimes and the consequences of their actions. The conviction helps and supports the parents to control the behaviours of their children especially those children who are turning to be criminals. It makes it easy to deal with anti-social behaviours that diverts the youth to criminal activities. The formation of juvenile Delinquents Act helps in rehabilitating and reform young people. The law refers them as delinquents. A crime is a crime it doesn’t matter who commit it, and if a young person is found guilty then he or she should face the law. The offender of the law should face the consequences.
Assignment 2
Should the identity of all the youth who commit any offence be published? Would publishing the name of offenders bring positive results by forcing the parents of the offenders to take ownership of the child? Should offenders’ identities above the age of 14 to 17 be published for the criminal offence committed?
The name of the youth who commits any offence should be published (Goldson 2006). Some of the youth who are usually published are the youth who receive adult sentences or those who commit bigger crimes like murder, manslaughter, sexual assault among others. The publishing of the names could bring positive result...
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