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Ajax, Lower Left Holding a Shield Aloft, at the Right Stands Agamemnon, Surrounded by His Soldiers (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Choose a work of art from the met timeline to discuss one of the following artistic processes from each group. One painting, one print. They must be examples of the subgroup.
Insentify the following: artist
tile of artwork:
art historical Period:
source ( complete information)
Description of artistic technical process:
outline the steps of the process using a diagram or drawing that helps to describe it.
be a specific ablut materials and process as possible.
include information about materials and any terminology relevent to the process.
any additional information about the process? be specific.
inclue imagine of the artworks with materials you submit .
painting : Fresco. Printmaking: Engraving
oil painting Etching


Ajax, lower Left Holding a Shield Aloft, at the Right Stands Agamemnon, Surrounded by his Soldiers
"Ajax lower left holding a shield aloft, to the right stands Agamemnon flanked by his men," is the title of the work of art that I have chosen to associate with Niccol Vicentino, an Italian who lived and worked between around 1510 and 1550, and Polidoro da Caravaggio collaborated on this work because of the age of cooperation during the printer-woodcutter period in the first part of the 16th century (Culotta, 2020; Kultzen, 1973). The artwork was created using three gray blocks of chiaroscuro woodcut. It was created between 1540 and 1550.
The earliest kind of printing in art is woodcuts. Knives and other pointed 

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