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Baroque Music (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Baroque! Please compare/contrast two podcasts about Baroque music. Take notes about names (people, places, things, events) discussed in each podcast. Critique these podcasts from a student′s perspective and create a discussion posting stating what you found useful, also elements that were less helpful for you to test your knowledge of Baroque music. State at least two specific examples (names of people, places, things, etc.) and mention specific podcast titles. Additionally, what did you hear in the podcasts that motivates you to research further something specific about Baroque music? (Name at least one point of curiosity for further study.) vs source..
Baroque Music Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Professor’s Name Date Baroque Music The two podcasts recognize that the Baroque era, which occurred 150 years from 1800 to 1750, led to musical inventions worldwide. They consider that Baroque music formed part of the musical art used in current times through tunes. The first podcast on “Learning to Listen to Baroque Music” and “The Tales of Baroque” describes that a harpsichord was used as an instrument for music after the Baroque era. The part I considered valuable is how baroque music explains the composers and essential masterworks handled by different individuals. They considered public performance to enhance their musical art in the English audience. The examples are Madison and Yvonne Kenny, who enhanced their musical journey through compelling performances. Professional singers specialize in specific roles and styles to improve their music. French opera in France and Italian opera in Italy used a musical style to enhance the rhythm. In the second podcast, “Free Music Degree #103: The Baroque Period,” the speakers describe that Baroque music focuses on classical music, which has certain complexities and rules. The part I found helpful is that baroque music uses rules to create harmony in the sounds that fit within the music through variations. An example is Maggie Pernachi, who studied the Baroque recorder in college and would play the instrument...
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