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Peer Response Visual & Performing Arts Research Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


this was a peer response task on a previous post.
two posts from different students were taken into consideration


Peer Response
Peer Response
Response 1
First, I must commend you on your choice of an art, and I believe this is more like a monument. This is a very good piece, Corrien – I enjoyed reading all through, right from the very first sentence. In the first paragraph, you have clearly outlines the history around the art piece. Backed up with the most precise dating, you have not only given context to your selected piece of art, but also explained the setting, and present the life to it. This paragraph gives the reader the urge to continue reading into the narration. Further, your explanation of the various elements constituting the object is superb. As well, you have outlined the material it is made of, and created the context on which it relates (Getlein, 1970). You effectively instil some curiosity in the explanation where you point out to the unconfirmed existence of dancers, musicians, and other elements. The conclusion too is well brought up, with the placement of the element in the cultural context. Thumbs up to you.
Response 2

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