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A Review of the Musical Hair (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The paper reviews the musical Hair. In the review, the discussion covered significant elements of the show, including the type and genre of music played, the number of groups of band artists, and the overarching theme of such songs. Equally, the discussion covered the musical's main characters and their influence on the show. This was followed by an analysis of how effective actors portrayed their characters in the musical, depicting the mood and topics covered by artists. The review also illustrated what the show was about based on the era in which it was performed. Finally, the review provided lessons learned from the show and how to adapt to a younger audience.


A Review of the Musical Hair
A Review of the Musical Hair
The spectacle elements of the show
The distinctive and contentious spirit that the rock and roll musical genre fosters is frequently used to describe it. This type of music is frequently infused with feelings portrayed in distinctive anthems. Hair was more than just a fantastic song collection. The song was part of a contentious, legendary stage production that revolutionized musical theatre and gave rise to rock opera. An odd anthology of rock songs with charming harmonies and vulgarly gory lyrics charmed the audience during the performance. The songs in the musical Hair depict the tale of a boy who is conscripted into the military while the sexual revolution unfolds around him (Rizzo, 2020). The action takes place on a stage that resembles the interior of a huge piñata, and a band is effortlessly incorporated into a tribal setting. Bold and colourful, it creates the ideal backdrop for a variety of surreal choreography and dream-like scenes. Though sometimes it does not make sense, that is not the point. The theme of the musical Hair is emotion and experience.
The main characters
Berger, the flamboyant protagonist in the Hair narrative, and Claude, the endearing figure, are included. The plot follows a distinctive group of American teenagers throughout 1967. In New York City, the main characters take on the establishment, avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War, and explore sex, drugs, and rock and roll 

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