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ABC Company Design Document of a Running Shoe (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I was tasked to write a business model design document of a running shoe for abc company. attached is the sample document


One on one interviews

This technique will be used as the chief method for gathering user requirement information. It encourages face to face interaction.

Analyzing of existing documents

The ABC shoe company has been producing shoes for some time now and has in its database different information that is essential in developing such kind demanded shoes


Allows information to be collected in a relatively short period of time especially when the customers are geographically far apart

ABC Company design document of a running shoe
Running shoes are unique type of shoes that are idiosyncratic to individual tastes and preferences. This is because the sport of running is quite technical and involves very many types and designs. There is long distance, short distance and middle distance running and even then is found runners who run the same races with different techniques and styles. Other factors that could determine the choice of running shoe are the foot size, weight and size of an individual runner. This document lays out a design document of a running shoes providing information on critical issues such as methods of gathering customer requirements, translating those requirements into design document requirements, plan and design of the product and comparison and contrasts between service and product design.
Methods for gathering user requirements
Table 1: Methods for gathering user requirement
Table 1 adapted from (Mamoun, 2015), Methods for gathering user requirements.
Ways of translating user needs into the design document
The Company making the shoes needs to make sure that is understands the users of the shoes on all fronts possible. This strategy enables the manufacture to have a grasp of the user's critical needs and idiosyncrasies (Craig, S. 2016). Ensuring that user centered design strategy is followed to the line. Understanding the detailed customer needs is the number one skill that is needed to ensure success. Once this is achieved, the company is confident that it is transferring the correct information from the customer to the implementation stage. Once this process is broken, it doesn't matter what kind or quality of shoe is produced because it is not what the customer asked for exactly.
Another way to do this is by characterizing the needs of the users. This can be done by categorizing this need from the most recurring to the least. Doing so enables the company to be aware of the requirements that are most desired and important and thus know where to put more emphasis. A format that can be used as a good example to ensure this is when particular requirements are clustered and then categorized. Such clusters can include the weight, size of sole, type of material to use the color to be applied, shoe laced or elastic, flat or spongy and many others.
Another way is by balancing user capabilities with the capacity and complexity of technology and machinery. It is critical that a balance be found that can focus on attain complete customer satisfaction but also ensure that the capacity to achieve that is available and can be sufficiently used without compromising on the Company resources (Craig, S. 2016). Following this criterion will ensure that individual user demands are not met at the expense of the companies and market standards. A balance is arrived at. It is very important that the company is able to know that what the customer is asking for is achievable or not and that it has the capacity to offer the customer whatever they order.
Plan and design of the product

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