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M2 Business Research Business & Marketing Research (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Assignment-Create a brief literature review (850 word minimum, This does not include thecover page, andabstract and references) on the topic of Workplace Diversity.
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Workplace Diversity
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Workplace diversity entails the employment of people with different social, cultural, educational, demographic, sexual, and ideological backgrounds to attain a similar business goal. Diversity in the workplace brings people with different goals, opinions, and perceptions to achieve the organization's goal. Diversity has its challenges, but the benefits outweigh the challenges, as it is shown in this paper. With globalization, employment diversity is one of the critical trends businesses require to compete favorably and be profitable in the market. The difference and uniqueness among employees prove to be an essential ingredient for successful businesses.
Diversity means having or being of a variety. Workplace diversity entails having people with different backgrounds. These could be in terms of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, social background, ethnicity, language, religious and educational background, to state but a few. Diversity is achieved by having this group of people with different backgrounds working together to attain the same business goal(s) at the workplace (Zojceska, 2018). With the rapid development in technology, diversity in the workplace has gone beyond human resources, as globalization through the internet has seen the emergence of a diverse marketplace. The business has customers from different parts of the world (Abreu, 2014). As such, companies get to interact with people all over the globe with diverse cultures. In this paper, we discuss some of the benefits of diversity at the workplace and some issues.

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