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Research And Describe Cyber Bullying And Various Type Of Bullying (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Max 100 words ( 300 in first part, 400 in second and 300 to the third part)
First part - no use of quotes
Second part - Please mention the focus points of the assignment at the beginning, and you have to use them all the way thru the assigment. and there needs to be quotes.
Basing on one, max two articles to discuss - remember to give your opinion all the time. and no quotes or max one.

Text 1
To start with, bullying is the act of using power that is superior to influence or rather to intimidate others. There are various type of bullying that exist and they include the verbal bullying, cyber bullying physical and social bullying. Getting into details about cyber bullying, cyber bullying is the intimidation or rather the influence that is done using the electronic equipment and the technology that is in the fastest developing industry. Cyberbullying can be done through cellphones, messages, social media, computers, websites and the tablets. Cyberbullying through the social media has received quite a considerable amount of victimization of the young generation and it can be noted to cause depression among them due to the fact that the victims find it impossible to escape the threats that they receive on maybe social media such as Facebook and messages and they cannot be able to track them due to their hidden identity.
Cyberbullying should not be tolerated because it has some mental and physiological effects on the victims and they tend to feel unsecure and intimidated through the use of excessive power by the people who bully them. The person who is bullying should feel humane in a way that he does not deserve to humiliate others due to the fact that he has power or he is able to do something, The technology has made great things and they currently work well, however the cause of cyberbullying is the introduction of this technology in people’s context and this then exposes every person to a risk of being bullied.
Text 2
The effects of cyberbullying can be long lasting and then it would affect one’s life in a bigger negative way making their lives difficult to stay and communicate with others. Any person who uses or intends to use the current technology, cannot in any way evade cyberbullying from others “Cyber-bullying…..can cause more psychological damage than traditional forms of bullying.” Additionally educating the people on the issues that surround the cyberbullying can in a bigger way help out in reducing the effects that bullying causes or rather help in reducing the extent of bullying on social media. Any kind of bullying and more so the cyberbullying has greater emotional effects that it can cause among the victims and it may lead to permanent depression and stress among the people more so the youths who are the greatest and frequent users of the technology and it can to some extent make individuals feel to commit suicide due to threats and the insults that they receive from the “bullers”. Cyberbullying also causes a great change in the self-esteem of an individual where it greatly lowers and this makes an individual unable to feel comfortable because of the criticism, threats and mistreatments. .
Either type of bullying is inevitable and one cannot run away from the fact that it is normal to be bullied but the way one handles it is what determines the effects and to what extent the effects demonstrates themselves to the outside public. Providing the campaigns and the education that can be useful to the public by educating them on how to handle the bullying statements, messages and the pictures can in some way help in reducing depression among the youths and stress as well suicidal cases that arise as a result of bullying. This way the way people approach things would definitely change and thereby bring a positive effect.
The social media is the greatest cause of cyberbullying more so among the youths and the young adults whereby the messages and the pictures or images can be sent anytime and they are in a position of being able to reach the person whenever they log in. These bullies can become viral in a short while and then it becomes difficult to trace the exact source of the information and therefore one may end up being bullied to an extreme that would affect his mind “The schoolgirl jumped to her death after enduring a torrent of abusive messages on her Face book page”
Text 3
The fact that most of the researchers, and actually a large number of people do not appreciate cyberbullyi...
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