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Letter to Police (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

I need to write a letter to police to appeal their decision not to destruct my finger print for criminal charges. I was accused in 2019 of criminal charges but found not guilty in April 2022. I will attach the court decision that I found not guilty based on evidences and witness (my wife) statement. - Also, I have never had any kind of charges in my life before and after the incident happened in 2019 - I seek the destruct of the records and finger print as I am in the process of applying for Canadian citizenship, the IRCC ( immigration, refugees and citizenship Canada) requested finger print from the RCMP, which I did and seek the destruct of my records/finger print as it is very crucial for me. - I am an Electrical Engineer and currently working in controls company and seeking the build my career as Control systems engineer. - I am a father of Canadian daughter who is 2 years and seven months and wanted to be valued member in society who can add value to the community/society and secure the future of my daughters and my family - I wanted to be add value to my society through hard work - Since the incident happened in 2019 and I am stuck because of these charges, my citizenship application I have applied in 2018 has been denied and I am struggling since that date financially and emotionally - I am a Palestinian and have no home and consider Canada as my home land where I can build my future for me and my family as well I support my mother back home. source..
[Your Name], [Address], [Contact], [Date]. [Receiver’s Address], Dear Sir/ Madam, RE: AN APPEAL TO DESTROY MY FINGERPRINTS RECORDS FOR CRIMINAL CHARGES I hope this letter finds you in peace. I am writing to appeal your decision not to destroy my fingerprints for criminal charges. I was accused of misconduct in 2019 but was found not guilty in April 2022. I have attached the court decision that found me not guilty based on evidence and my wife’s statement that was used as witness material. I have never had any kind of charges before or after the incident in 2019 and I am now seeking the destruction of my records and fingerprints, as I am in the process of applying for Canadian citizenship. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requested fingerprints from the RCMP and this is very important for me. Since the incident in 2019, I am still facing the consequences and my citizenship application, which I had made in 2018, has been denied. I am facing financial and emotional struggles since then. I am a Palestinian and I do not have a home. I consider Canada as my last hope where I can build the future for myself and my family and continue supporting my mother. In 2012, after I immigrated to Canada, I suffered from depression, which developed into Schizophrenia. The disease has been under control since then and I have never been in any trouble due to my behavior or any criminal charges. In 2018, I was trying out new medication which caused me restlessness and some kind of delusions that made me report myself to the police. I am always trying to stay away from trouble and I react professionally whenever I feel there is a problem. I wanted to express my remorse and apologies for any disturbance I might have caused to the police and the community as a whole. I am an electrical engineer and I am currently working in a controls company. I am currently seeking to build my career as a Control Systems Engineer. I am a father of a two-year-old Canadian daughter and I am eager to be a productive member of society who can add value to the community and secure the future of my family. I want to contribute to society through immense hard work. I believe that if my fingerprint records were destroyed, I would be able to move forward with my life and achieve my dreams. I have worked hard to make a life for myself in Canada, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunities the country has offered me. I have built strong relationships with my Canadian friends and colleagues and I am committed to making a lasting contribution to the development of the nation. I would be immeasurably grateful if the Peel Regional Police could consider my request so that I can fulfill my dreams as highlighted above. I am also writing to you to express my reasons for becoming a citizen of this great country. As I have mentioned above, I believe that Canada is an excellent place to live and grow, and I am enthusiastic to become a part of the Canadian community. In the time I have spent here, I have been exposed to the values of freedom and inclusion, and I have seen how they are vital for the development of the nation. Having lived in Palestine, I have seen the many flaws in the Palestinian system of government, and that is why I am looking for a new place to call home. For me, Canada has always been a perfect choice. I feel that the country embodies many of the same values that I believe in as an individual, but also with a much strong emphasis on social equality and inclusion. Canada is also a very diverse country, and this is something that I find very attractive. I feel that living in such a nation will allow me to become a more open-minded and tolerant individual, and this is something that I value greatly. In addition to its diversity, Canada also has a much more stable and secure political system than most countries in the world. I believe that the stability of the Canadian system of government will allow me to live a peaceful and secure life, and I am excited at the prospect of continuing to live in a country where I will be able to feel safe and secure. Finally, I am drawn to Canada because of its strong economy and vibrant culture. I feel that the Canadian economy provides many opportunities for employment and growth, and I am eager to explore these chances in my career path. I am also looking forward to continuing to experience the many cul...
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