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Online Social Media Success in the United States (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Write a 9 page paper on Online Social Media Success in the US, excluding cover page and reference page
apa style
7 references
The task and this sample is to write on Online Social Media Success in the US


Student Name
Institutional Affiliation Online Social Media Success in the US
Since the conception of social media, masses of people have indulged in heated debates as to whether social media influences society positively or negatively (Bao, 2011). Social media platforms provide people with the opportunity to connect despite geographic, cultural, racial, and religious barriers. With the growing advantages, there has been the threat of cyber bullying which is an increasing source of concern for law enforcement and society. While there exists the negatives attributed of social media use, the positive aspects accruing from social media has created seamless communication channels that have strengthened interpersonal, business and societal relations while contributing to making the world a global village (Bao, 2011).
History of Social Media
The first form of social media was the use of email services invented in 1975. Since the times, social media has advanced to allow the development of profiles that integrate email use. Modern social media tools have changed ways that people interact therefore providing the world with limitless tools (Boweni, 2015). With this kind of proliferation, developers and programmers are dedicating resources towards research and development to ensure better features for new growth demands. Despite social media having a list of adverse effects, it permits people from different parts of the world to communicate. This research essay would like to define social media as

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