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Changing Educational Paradigms and the Habits of Highly Effective People (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Reflection paper particularizing how you intend to implement the material learned in this unit in your own academic career. You should pick no more than 2 materials below and attempt to reflect on them more deeply. Remember, not every student will engage well with EVERY resource. So pick the one(s) that grab your attention.
The material includes the following:
Videos: I) Ken Robinson, "Changing Educational Paradigms"
Videos: 2) Achieving Concepts, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People / Part 1


Reflection Paper - Education
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Reflection Paper - Education
Videos: I) Ken Robinson, "Changing Educational Paradigms"
The mind-blowing presentation that Ken Robinson gave titled "Changing Educational Paradigms" illustrates how drastically the current educational system needs to be revamped. Sir Ken Robinson is a lecturer and educator who is known all over the globe for his work on creativity and innovation (RSA, 2010). Many people look up to him as a leader in the movement to update educational practices. In his speech, he makes the case that the current method of education is unfit for use in the modern world due to the quick pace at which society is undergoing change and that this method must be updated with time.
Robinson believes that the current educational system emphasizes conformity and uniformity, which makes it difficult for people to be creative and unique in their thinking. RSA (2010) shows that he contends that how the educational system is organized makes it impossible for anyone to realize their full potential. Instead, he asserts that the system is intended to generate a certain kind of person via its operation. He asserts that educational institutions were built to cater to the requirements of the industrial age, even though the world has undergone significant transformations since then. He thinks the current educational system needs to

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