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Chapter Summary of : A Horse Doesn't Graze Backwards (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This is chapter 5 SUMMARY of liu zongren's two years in the melting novel. In the story, a Chinese journalist describes his experience in the U.S., and shares his observations on the American people and culture. The 40-years-old liu is nostalgic for his family back at home such that his American friends cannot alleviate the loneliness and isolation that have engulfed him. He feels like an outcast in the foreign land simply because if the culture and discrimination he faces.


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In February, news on the assassination of John Lennon, Ronald Reagan becoming president and release of American hostages in Iran was all over the media. Jimmy Cartel left the White House unnoticed as Reagan took his oath of office. Journalists and News anchors had a reason to rejoice. The editors as well did not have to rack their brains to come up with subject for news headlines. John Lennon’s life was the primary story at that time. Skimming through the headlines, Liu learns that the Great Beatle had a Japanese wife and a son and their most intimate details of their lives where common knowledge. In the United States, national heroes were celebrated more than the president. Liu Zongren states that there is power in the news media that can create a president with ease just like God created a woman from a man’s rib. According to his friends, the Beatles helped shape America in the 1960s.
After Lennon’s send off, the media moved on to cover the hostages and their families. Liu was greatly moved by the Americans patriotism. Americans were political enthusiasts and rallies were held to welcome the hostage’s home but the media nearly spoilt the event by repeatedly reporting too much details. Therefore, angering not only the hostages but also their relatives and veterans of Vietnam. The vets disliked the attention given to the hostages. The gush against Iran was intense such that Iranian students in the United States were sent home on reason that their visas had expired.
The new president was more aggressive on foreign policy and jeopardized the relation between US and China over sale of arms to Taiwan. In May Liu Zongren and other scholars were notified to report to the State department if they had attended meeting in the cities in fear they might be spying on United States. Politicians urged Americans to protect their interest at all cost.

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