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Using molybdenum and tungsten bronzes to mimicking formate dehydrogenase (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


It is an abstract about the topic. it states the purpose of work, approach (Using molybdenum and tungsten bronzes to mimicking formate dehydrogenase).


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The formate metabolism is often and to a great significance diversified. It is by use of various electrochemical mechanisms that these metabolic and redox reactions can get analyzed. In this case, the tungsten bronzes are used to satirize formate dehydrogenase (Silva et al. 2011). The formate is used in these reactions due to its evolved low reduction ability to produce energy. It is through the combination of its reduction and oxidation of various electron acceptors that various observable changes are noticed. Formate and carbon dioxide are efficiently, selectively, and rapidly interconverted by the tungsten bronzes that do contain formate dehydrogenases. The reaction is a fact in a manner that is more beyond the normal synthetic catalysts. There is an evolution of various formate dehydrogenases enzymes which catalysis the reversible redox reaction, the 2-electron oxidation process of the formate dehydrogenases to Carbon (IV) Oxide (Maia, Moura & Moura, 2015). It is worth noting that Carbon dioxide (CO2) is known to be thermodynamically and kinetically stable molecule. Its formation is easy, especially during respiration, combustion or other organic molecules oxidation processes (Reda, Plugge, Abram & Hirst, 2008). 

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