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Lesson plan The Warm-up Activity Literature & Language Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Task is about Lesson plan writing


Horses on the trot
The task develops creativity, playfulness, rhythm and imagination.
Form: collective
Participants sit down on comfortable, firm chairs in a circle astride. The trainer informs the participants they will play riders on racing competition. The trainer claps once to indicate that racing begins. All participants begin to clap their hands rhythmically on thighs, imitating the sound of trotting horses. When clapping on thighs they call: Tarap- tarap- tarap... After while the trainer says: Caution, there is a sharp turn to the right ahead of us. All participants begin to tilt to the right. The trainer then says: Cauuution, there is a ditch ahead of us, prepare for elah hop... All participants will do the movement, such as when they jump with a horse over a ditch. We continue like this for a few more obstacles, curves until we approach the final

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