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Personal Statement Literature & Language Research Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Personal statement


Personal Statement
My desire to study Pharmacognosy is my motivation in my need to acquire knowledge in this area. This has been built through motivation as the area of study has become increasingly important and relevant in the modern society. The acquisition of this knowledge will assist me look for real solutions to the problems facing the society today in terms disease prevention and cure. I am keen to be involved in learning about the current advancement in Pharmacognosy and the medical research as a whole. Additionally, I find the course rewarding, inspiring and challenging. My desire to be a source of solution to the current problems affecting the population is my ultimate motivator. I played part in the team that will assist come up with the means to extract drugs that can cure many of the diseases that are emerging in the society every day.
I have been creative all through and possess technical knowledge and insight in the Pharmacognosy area. I possess expertise and skills of what is required in this area. From an individual perspective, I am a resilient personality and believe in achieving my goals, I am not the kind to be discouraged by constraints. With this mentality, I believe that any amount of challenges can be overcome. I have always been reliable and self-motivated. I have always been trustworthy and reliable and have been able to work efficiently and with great accuracy where I have been called to do so. I have a good health record and therefore can withstand longer periods of high concentration when it is so required. I am flexible when multi-tasking and have an incredibly high understanding of the relationship between theory and practice. Throughout my work experience, I have acquired excellent communication skills that can organize, select, identify and communicate information precisely and concisely.

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